The Chifley Home and Education Centre will re-open from 2nd July 2022

Fossil and


Collections such as The Somerville and Chapman collections are usually only available in capital cities, to have them in regional Australia is very special.

Fossils: as well as a T.rex skeleton, the fossil gallery also includes other dinosaur skeletons and fossils, a sabre tooth cat skull, Australia’s largest collection of fossils in amber, fossil dinosaur eggs, some of the oldest fossils of early forms of life, and a large collection of Australia’s unique opalised fossils.

Minerals: rare formations, crystallised gold, raw gemstones and delicate uranium.


The museum is a fun and educational destination for families to explore the natural history of our planet. View scientifically significant fossils, gold and minerals (and learn about their uses). Not forgetting Australia’s most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.

We have an accessible toilet and baby change table as well as picnic tables in our outside courtyard a well stocked gift shop.

The Dino-store

At the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum, Bathurst from 9th April 2022..

The Dino-store exhibition

Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum.  Open Saturday 9 July 2022 until the end of the year.

So, you want a pet dinosaur? The Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum’s latest exhibition is themed as a dinosaur pet shop with answers to all the important dino-pet concerns.

With a junior Stegosaurs, Utahraptor or Monolophosaurus you could pat, the exhibition will help answer the question ‘If I had a real dinosaur what dinosaur would I choose?’ You may even find out that you already have one.

The Dino-store is on display at the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum, 224 Howick Street Bathurst.

Open 6 days per week 9am – 4.30pm (closed Wednesday). Open 7 days during NSW School holidays. The exhibition is included with museum admission and NSW Discover and Parent vouchers can be used for entry.


International Museum Selfie Day

Due to COVID19 restrictions Museum Selfie Day will not be held as an event in January 2022 but you can still participate.

Take a selfie during your visit to the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum, National Motor Racing Museum, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery or the Bathurst Historical Society Museum and use hashtag #MuseumSelfieBathurst when you post on Facebook and Instagram.

Dinosaurs in the Dark Torchlight Tours

Due to COVID 19 restrictions Torchlight Tours have been postponed.

Why not spend an evening locked in the dark of the museum with 3 dinosaurs, armed only with a torch? Take a torchlight tour of the museum during school holidays in the winter months.  We hope to bring torchlight tours back into the events calendar soon.

Contact us here for more information.