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Purchase a Bathurst Rail Museum Plaque

Become part of Bathurst’s Railway Family, purchase a replica brass engine plate with your family name, to be displayed in perpetuity at the Bathurst Rail Museum.

Plaques are displayed on the outside wall of Kids Central near the Refreshment Room, and can be visited anytime.

Small 120mm x 65mm $250 inc GST
Large* 240mm x 130mm $500 inc GST

The large plaques also include the opportunity to have 150 words of your family history displayed on this website.

To purchase a plaque:

  • Online  – Click here to purchase a plaque online   (This link will open on the purchase page hosted by BMEC). Rail Museum staff will contact you within 7 days of purchase. 
  • In person – drop into the Bathurst Rail Museum at 126 Havannah Street and speak to the Museum Front of House staff
  • By telephone or email – call the Museum on 02 6338 2850 or by email

Bathurst has had well over 100 years of history employing people to work on the rail. From Refreshment Room cooks, waitresses, waiters and cleaners, to fettlers, guards, drivers, firemen, engine cleaners and ambulance corps doctors and nurses, a huge range of employment opportunities available to generations of Bathurst’s population continues to this day.
Click the link for some local stories, written by the people who have worked on the Rail, or their families.

BANT: Ray Bant Plaque No.23

BEGG: Begg Family Plaque No.32

BONHAM: Vic & Harry Bonham Plaque No.69

BUCKLEY: Arthur (Pat) Buckley Plaque No.40

CARPENTER:Carpenter Family Plaque No.58

CONLAN: Jim Conlan Plaque No. 24

CHAMBERLAIN: Denis Chamberlain Plaque No.57

DAWSON: Albert Dawson Plaque No.54

ELMS: Max Elms Plaque No.91

HAYES: Brian Hayes Plaque No.66

HUMPHREY: Humphrey Family Plaque No.42

JONES: Gerry Jones Plaque No.76

MCKELVIE: Stephen McKelvie Plaque No.33

MOORE: Doug Moore Plaque No.44

MORRIS: John Morris Plaque No. 77

O’CONNELL: Michael (Boysie) O’Connell Plaque No. 61

PHILLIPS: Frank Phillips Plaque No.104

PLICHA: Richard Plicha Plaque No.103

POWYER: Gordon Powyer Plaque No.70

SIMS: Oliver Samuel Sims Plaque No.85

WALKINGTON: Robert Walkington Plaque No.35

WRIGHT:  G.D.J. Wright Plaque No.51