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Fossil and

The Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum permanently houses the Somerville Collection of fossils and minerals – the lifetime work of Warren Somerville AM – and features some of the finest and rarest specimens of mineral crystals and fossils from around the world.

The collection contains over 5,000 objects and is presented together to give a stronger understanding of the development of life on Earth.

The internationally renowned collection is displayed in two main exhibitions – the Fossil Gallery and the Mineral Gallery.

The Fossil Gallery includes specimens from every major stage of life on Earth. The centrepiece of the exhibition is a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, a large collection of fossils in amber and unique Australian opalised fossils.

The specimens in the Mineral Gallery of the Somerville Collection come from mine sites around the world, making them historically significant and irreplaceable heritage items. The gallery displays a large diversity of minerals and are of exceptional crystal perfection.

This unique resource has quite literally been billions of years in the making. Explore the natural history of our planet, travel through time in our unique fossil and mineral galleries and experience the wonder of ancient specimens that have been uncovered from deep within the Earth.

The Somerville Collection is in the custodianship of the Australian Museum with the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum managed by Bathurst Regional Council supported by the Somerville Collection Company

About the Australian Museum

The Australian Museum (AM) was founded in 1827 and is the nation’s first museum. It is internationally recognised as a natural science and culture institution focused on Australia and the Pacific. As custodian of more than 21.9 million objects and specimens, the AM is uniquely positioned to provide a greater understanding of the region through its scientific research, exhibitions and public and education programs. Through the Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI), the AM also has a leading role in conserving Australia’s biodiversity through understanding the environmental impacts of climate change, potential biosecurity threats and invasive species. To find out more, visit:


What’s On

The Dino-store exhibition – Open now

So, you want a pet dinosaur? The Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum’s latest exhibition is themed as a dinosaur pet shop with answers to all the important dino-pet concerns.

With a junior Stegosaurs, Utahraptor or Monolophosaurus you could pat, the exhibition will help answer the question ‘If I had a real dinosaur what dinosaur would I choose?’ You may even find out that you already have one.

The Dino-store is on display at the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum, 224 Howick Street Bathurst.

Open 6 days per week 9am – 4.30pm (closed Wednesdays). Open 7 days a week during NSW school holidays. The exhibition is included with museum admission.



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See the spectacular Somerville Collection at the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum – the lifetime work of Warren Somerville with some of the finest and rarest examples of minerals and fossils in the world.

Fancy a face to face with a T.rex? There are a number of dinosaur skeletons on display, but the most popular is the 10½ metre long and 4½ metre high Tyrannosaurus rex.

The home of the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum is a beautiful 1876 public school building. It underwent major refurbishment for its stunning fit-out, and has quite a history of its own.

It stands on the execution site of the notorious bushrangers the Ribbon Gang, and is also reportedly haunted by the ghost of the former headmaster, from its days as the Bathurst Public School building.

See the exquisite detail of the Green River shale fish fossils.

Have you ever seen an opalised fossil, or a gecko preserved in amber? Here is Australia’s largest collection of fossils in amber, even fossil dinosaur eggs.

Learn more about the formation of rocks and minerals, mineral locations, crystal structure and the use of minerals in our everyday lives.


Browse our museum shop full of a wide variety of quality minerals and fossil specimens, and educational toys including Dinosaur, Earth history and Science products.

Learn more about the man behind the Somerville Collection. Warren Somerville AM found his first fossil specimen at Borenore near Orange when he was just nine years old.


Stunning crystals from over 100 Australian mine sites, spectacular and significant mineral specimens from around the world as well as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and other gems.


The Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum has received national recognition as a centre of excellence in the tourism, cultural and education industries and has won numerous local, state and national awards.